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Welcome to Margaret Wood (Bio)

Margaret Wood is a fiber artist of Navajo and Seminole Indian descent. In 1981, she published Native American Fashions: Modern Adaptations of Traditional Designs, which was revised and reprinted in 1997. She opened her business, Native American Fashions, Inc., in 1981 and designs and produces quilts and clothing inspired by Native American clothing and artifacts. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the country. She served two terms as board member for Atlatl, the national service organization for Native American arts and served for six years on the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

Articles & Publications by Margaret

Clothing has long been a method of displaying individuality and self-expression for all people. Today, Native people wear suits, dressed and jeans like the rest of the world, but display their heritage through tribal influenced garments. Many Indian fashion designers, mostly women, make it their life's work to create tradition-based, contemporary apparel. 


Native American Fashion: Modern Adaptations
of Traditional Designs by Margaret Wood
It is about adapting American Indian clothing to contemporary wear but has been embraced by quilters for the info on technique and for the designs therein.